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The City Utilities Commission (CUC) exists solely for the purpose of supplying electric power, potable water and sanitary sewer services to its customers. The objective of the CUC is to provide electric power, potable water and sanitary sewer services to its customers with the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

The History of CUC

CUC was created on May 17, 1948 as a result of the City of Corbin Ordinance Number 1798. Prior to this date, electric and water services were provided by the City of Corbin to the area.

The City Commission created a three (3) member utility commission under Section 96.530 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes on May 17, 1948. The statute provides:  "the Utility Commission shall have absolute control of the plant in every respect, including its operation and fiscal management, and etc..."

The CUC continues today as a three member Board of Commissioners; appointed or recommended by the Mayor, subject to the approval of the City Commission. The utility commission provides the rules for the management of all plant and etc. The CUC is declared to be a public body politic and corporate, with perpetual succession.

The City of Corbin built its first small and simple water treatment plant in 1913. In 1915, it bought the power plant from private owners. The original investment in both plants was $50,000.

During 1940, the City obtained a $180,000 public works administration grant and a $220,000 long-term, low-interest loan from the government. This $400,000 was used to build a newer power plant (which today houses Wholesale Supply Group on Acton Street), and expand and improve the water system.

On December 9, 1948, as a result of the rapid growth and the increased demand for electricity and an overloaded power plant, the City of Corbin determined it was more cost effective to buy a portion of its electric power from Kentucky Utilities rather than expand its power plant. This continued until 1954-55. At that time, the CUC determined it could purchase power cheaper than it could produce the same block of power and closed down its 1,500 KW power generating plant and began purchasing 100% of its electric power requirements from KU, as it does today.


Hours of Operation 


The CUC offices are open Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Equal Opportunity


The City Utilities Commission of Corbin does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability in its programs or activities. The designated civil rights coordinator is the General Manager.

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Severe Weather Tip
It is important to remember during severe weather, to avoid downed powerlines and contact your local utilities in the event you see any cable or wire laying on the ground. Never touch, or attempt to move any cable or wire laying on the ground because there is always the potential for electrical shock.