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CUC Reconnect Policy Effective 1/1/2011




New reconnect policy beginning January 1, 2011

            Beginning January 1, 2011, City Utilities Commission will no longer be visiting consumers’ homes for the purpose of collecting past-due utility bills. CUC will require the consumer whose utilities have been disconnected for nonpayment to visit the main office before power will be restored. Payment will need to be made in full, including the final bill and additional fees, in order to restore utilities. City Utilities Commission’s office is located at 1515 Cumberland Falls Highway, Corbin, Kentucky. This measure, along with others, will allow CUC to more efficiently manage labor and equipment.

            Please take note that should your bill become delinquent and your utilities disconnected because of nonpayment, beginning January 1, 2011, you will be required to visit the City Utilities Commission office to have your services reconnected.

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