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Water and Sewer Bill Adjustments Effective 5/1/2017


1.       The Commission is establishing a new leak adjustment program to be effective starting May 1, 2017 in those instances where excessive usage of water results from a leak in a residential customer’s water service line (commercial and industrial customers are not included – see section 5 below). The Commission will begin billing $1.50 per month starting May 1, 2017 for the new leak adjustment program, with all residential customers automatically enrolled in the program. If a residential customer enrolled in the program has a leak, they will pay their average water bill based on the previous six month’s average usage and the remainder of the leak cost will be covered by the program up to $1,000.00. Any leak cost above $1,000.00 will be paid by the customer. Customers in the program can submit up to a maximum of $1,000.00 in leak adjustments every calendar year.

2.       If a residential customer does not want to participate in the leak adjustment program, they must sign a waiver and they will be removed from the program. Any residential customer not enrolled in the program will be responsible for the entire cost of a leak, as the Commission will not adjust their bill for any leaks in their service line. If a residential customer who waived out of the program decides that they want back in the program, they can sign up at the next annual enrollment period for the service to become effective.

3.      In the event of an excessive water leak and the residential customer can prove that the water did not enter the sanitary sewer collection system, the sewer portion of the customer’s bill will be adjusted to the previous six month’s average usage.

4.      Customer is responsible for notifying CUC when the leak is discovered and repaired before a leak will qualify for an adjustment. CUC reserves the right to verify the repair of the leak.


Adjustments will not be made for the following:

·         Premises left or abandoned without reasonable care for the plumbing system.

·         Filling of or leaks in swimming pools.

·         Watering of lawns or gardens.

·         Dripping faucets or negligent acts such as leaving water running.

5.       Commercial and industrial customers that have an excessive leak in their water service line can request a once in a lifetime adjustment, and must present evidence that the leak was found and repaired. This is the same leak policy that has been in effect for many years previous, with the bill being adjusted to the previous six month’s average usage.

6.       In the event that a customer has not had service for six continuous months when the leak occurs, the adjustment will be withheld for six months after the leak is repaired so that an average consumption can be established.


Electric Meter Base Surge Arrestors

CUC offers electric meter base surge arrestors to its electric customers for an additional fee.

Contact the CUC office for details.

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Boil Water Advisories

Whenever the City Utilities Commission (CUC) has a loss of pressure in its water main(s), usually due to a main line break, the CUC must issue a Boil Water Advisory as a precautionary measure for public safety.  When there is a loss of pressure in a water main, there is a slight possibility of contaminants getting into the water main. CUC maintains a chlorine residual in its water mains to destroy biological contaminants, and the Boil Water Advisory is required by the Kentucky Division of Water to prevent possible health problems. During a Boil Water Advisory affected customers are advised to boil  water  for consumption at a rolling boil for at least three (3) minutes.

Boil water advisories are broadcast by the local radio stations until test results verify that there is no contamination. When there is a very small number of affected customers, notices will be left on the customers front door. CUC will also post Boil Water Advisories on this website (as of January 30, 2013).  Also, if a CUC customer experiences a loss of pressure they can contact CUC's office at (606)528-4026 to verify if their area has a boil water advisory in effect.

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Public Notice

City Utilities' customers have been receiving proposals by mail offering water service line coverage for a fee.

The City Utilities Commission of Corbin is not associated with these offers.

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CUC Reconnect Policy Effective 1/1/2011




New reconnect policy beginning January 1, 2011

            Beginning January 1, 2011, City Utilities Commission will no longer be visiting consumers’ homes for the purpose of collecting past-due utility bills. CUC will require the consumer whose utilities have been disconnected for nonpayment to visit the main office before power will be restored. Payment will need to be made in full, including the final bill and additional fees, in order to restore utilities. City Utilities Commission’s office is located at 1515 Cumberland Falls Highway, Corbin, Kentucky. This measure, along with others, will allow CUC to more efficiently manage labor and equipment.

            Please take note that should your bill become delinquent and your utilities disconnected because of nonpayment, beginning January 1, 2011, you will be required to visit the City Utilities Commission office to have your services reconnected.

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Severe Weather Tip
It is important to remember during severe weather, to avoid downed powerlines and contact your local utilities in the event you see any cable or wire laying on the ground. Never touch, or attempt to move any cable or wire laying on the ground because there is always the potential for electrical shock.