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6/28/2024 – The boil water advisory has been lifted.  Thanks again for your patience and cooperation.  

6/27/2024 –  Due to a water line break, there is a boil water advisory in effect for the following areas until further notice:  Residents between/around Corbin Primary School to the “entrance” of Tattersall Trails (this excludes the residences inside of the Tattersall Trails Subdivision).  Please continue to monitor our website for updates.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation.  

6/20/24 – The Corbin Fire Department will be flushing hydrants until around 2:30 pm today in the following areas:  8th and 9th Streets   

Please continue to monitor this website for updates.  Thanks for your cooperation. 



It is important to remember during severe weather, to avoid downed powerlines and contact your local utilities in the event you see any cable or wire laying on the ground.  Never touch, or attempt to move any cable or wire laying on the ground because there is always the potential for electrical shock.  



Boil Water Advisories

Boil water advisories are broadcast by the local radio stations until test results verify that there is no contamination. When there is a very small number of affected customers, notices will be left on the customers front door. CUC will also post Boil Water Advisories on this website (as of January 30, 2013).  Also, if a CUC customer experiences a loss of pressure, they can contact CUC’s office at (606)528-4026 to verify if their area has a boil water advisory in effect.

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In an effort to keep our customers informed of notices such as boil water advisories, anticipated service outages, or possible utility emergencies, City Utilities Commission has enlisted a new alert system called CodeRED.  For more information and to sign up to receive these notifications, go to: CodeRED Notifications

Download the app: CodeRED App

or text CUCAlerts to 99411



It is the intent of the Commission’s deposit policy to assess credit risk at the point of application with a technology-based screening tool and charge deposits only to those potential and existing customers who pose a credit risk.

1. Residential Customers
Security deposits for residential customers (homeowners and renters) will be applied per the following:
*Applicants who pose no credit risk will not be charged a security deposit.
*Applicants who pose a minimal credit risk will be charged a security deposit equal to one months maximum usage at the service location.
*Applicants who pose a substantial credit risk will be charged a security deposit equal to two months maximum usage at the service location.

If a residential customer poses no credit risk at the time of application, but after being on service develops a minimal or substantial credit risk, they will be required to furnish a security deposit per their assessed credit risk.

  1. Two Families on One Meter
  2. Commercial, Industrial and All Other Customers
    The Commission shall require a cash deposit from commercial, industrial and all other customers for utility service(s) to secure payment of bills. The required deposit shall be determined on an individual basis at the time of application in an amount to approximate two times the estimated maximum monthly bill.

A letter of credit may be accepted in lieu of a cash security deposit for commercial, and industrial customers, in accordance with the terms of CUC Resolution No. 342, and as it may be modified and revised from time to time.

  1. Transfer of Deposits

Deposits may be transferred from one location to another if the applicant is the owner of the home at the location for which service is being requested. However, if the amount already on deposit is not equal to the amount of deposit required at the time of the transfer, the homeowner must pay the difference between these two amounts. All other applicants will be required to pay the applicable security deposit in full each time an account is opened. When the previous account is terminated and all outstanding bills are paid, the previous security deposit will be returned.

  1. Interest on Security Deposits

The City Utilities Commission shall pay interest annually (in the form of a credit on the users 12/1 utility bill) on all customer security deposits retained by the Commission at interest rates as set by the Commission per state requirements. When a residential customer’s credit risk is updated to no risk, or when an account is terminated and all outstanding bills are paid, the security deposit shall be returned along with any interest due to the customer.

Effective 2/1/2018  RATE SCHEDULE

Effective February 1, 2018 bills in accordance with CUC Board Minutes, September 13, 2017




Equal Opportunity

The City Utilities Commission of Corbin does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability in its programs or activities. The designated civil rights coordinator is the General Manager.

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