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We Hear You and We Care…

In order to better serve our customers and improve our business processes, City Utilities Commission has gone through extensive changes over the last two years. We have invested in the development of our employees, made significant improvements to the service we give our customers, and have an ongoing commitment to quality training dedicated to refining our customer service skills. All CUC employees have attended customer service training and are encouraged to use those special skills in interactions with customers, as well as with other employees. Our aim is to treat each customer with respect and professionalism, and to nurture a culture of care.

At CUC, we understand that negative commentary can easily overwhelm our social medias, which is why it’s difficult sometimes for positive changes to be acknowledged. While most customers have experienced excellent customer service here at CUC, many of those exchanges go unmentioned or are overshadowed by some of that negative commentary. For that reason, we encourage you to contact our office if you experience unsatisfactory professionalism with an employee, so we can address your concerns directly. Please give us the opportunity to continue to improve and thank you for your feedback!